Sapa is one of the landmarks in Vietnam and around the world. Today, we are pleased to introduce complete all information about Sapa, so that you can better understand before traveling to sapa.

Sapa is a town in the highlands, is a famous resort, in the district of Sa Pa, Lao Cai, Vietnam – 376km from Hanoi. It hides many wonders of nature, natural landscape and topography of the mountains, the green of the trees, making a painting with harmonious compositions, with romantic scenery and attractive landscape earth northwest region.

Sapa is located at 1,500 to 1,650 meters in the mountainside Suay Lo Tong. The top of this mountain can be seen in the south east of Sapa, with an elevation of 2228 meters. From the town overlooking the Ngoi Dum valley to the east and Muong Hoa valley in southwest.

Sapa Town

Sapa Town


Sapa Climate nuances tropical and sub-tropical temperate, cool air throughout the year. The average air temperature in the 15 ° C Sa Pa. In the summer, the town does not have to bear the harsh sun like coastal plains, about 13 ° C – 15 ° C at night and 20 ° C – 25 ° C in the daytime. Winter often cold cloud cover and temperatures sometimes below 0 ° C, sometimes with snow. Sa Pa Town is one of the rare areas of Vietnam have snow.

Winter 1903, while conducting measurements mapping expedition geography of Indochina Department discovered fireplace ground landscape and village Sa Pa Tung. The event marked the launch of Sapa town. Sa Pa town, previously a water circuit red extrusion coating, so the locals call “hero clock”, ie “red spring”.

It is inhabited by 06 ethnic population: Kinh, H’mong, Dao, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho. Ethnic groups in Sapa are the cultural festival featuring:

  • Roong Poc fesstival of Giáy people into lunar month.
  • Sải Sán festival of Hmong.
  • Dance festival of the Dao festival takes place in May every year

These days in Sapa markets usually bustling on Saturday night last until Sunday. Sa Pa Market have special appeal for tourists from afar. They also called it “Sa Pa love market” because here men and women from ethnic Hmong, Red Dao can get sound of pan flutes, above the lips, reed, or in the lyrics to find or meet your partner.

Sapa Love Market

Sapa Love Market


Sapa is the kingdom of fruit, like cherry, peach to yellow, small yellow peach, plum post, plum purple, plum blossom, rose, pear, chrysanthemum … specially, immortal flower lives on time time.

Sapa has many natural beauty attracts tourists to visit Silver Falls high about 200 m to the water line forming rushing sound impressive mountains, Rattan Bridge is a relic of history ethnic.

Sun Gate is the highest point that the road can go to stand watch Phanxipang peak. Phanxipang very high peak 3.143m for those who like climbing and is also home to many animals and plants hiem. Continue to you explore Sapa, we also see the Ta Phin with widths may contain a size of people army regiment. In many stalactites hang create interesting shapes like the first dance, meadows, woods sparkle.

Ta Phin Village Sapa

Ta Phin Village


Ancient Stone Sapa in Muong Hoa valley, with 196 stone carved strange shapes of these ancient inhabitants thousands of years ago that many archaeologists have yet to decipher. Area antique engravings were lined up national monuments.

Coming to Sapa, surely can not fail to visit Ham Rong Mountain. Ham Rong was where grow a lot of flowers, colorful and are planted on each campus. It also has an orchid garden with many kinds. Ham Rong in adjacent towns, any visitor can get up there and panoramic view of town, Muong Hoa valley, Sapa, Ta Phin hidden in smog. Currently, embellished with hand of man, Ham Rong is a landscape full of fruit. Up Ham Rong, visitors touch the garden, cloudy preferred closed body, colorful flowers ground.

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village


Sapa has 6 types resident peoples, each ethnic group has a distinct cultural capital with festivals such as Roong Poc Festival of Giáy Tả Van peoples. Every year on Dragon lunar month, Giáy Tả Van people open meeting to bridge Portland Roong harvests, luckily, rain and wind. Sải Sán Festival of Mong people, dance festival of the Red Dao late hour early hours Dragon Snake and the second day of an annual Lunar New Year, Lunar New Year Dance Festival – a picture formula unique cultural activities of the Red Dao is the only organizated by the chief of Ta Phin.

Speaking to Sapa, can not fail to mention the villages here. Cat Cat Village is the oldest of Mongolia, preserved many traditional crafts like cotton, linen, woven fabrics and crafted jewelry. Especially here still retain plenty of unique customs that in other areas there is no or no longer exist in original.

Cafe in Cat Cat Village

Cafe in Cat Cat Village


Ta Phin brocade village in Sapa district, Lao Cai province, far from the center about 17 km from Sapa town to the east. It offers a beautiful natural landscape, culture imbued with national identity through festivals like Dance Festival of the Red Dao, swear feast, feast new house of nationalities. Ta Phin also many domestic and foreign tourists known in which a famous brocade village.

Ban Pho is a mountainous commune, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Here, guests are just sightseeing newly highland jungle often specialties Ban Pho, especially corn Ban Pho wine.

Referring to Sapa, no one does not know to the food here taste like Thang Co jungle, pigs steal the armpit grilled fish Sapa stream which should be mentioned is the Sturgeon and Salmon are imported from foreign countries in the cold Sapa, a hot pot served with salmon and green vegetables, new customers not remember a strange story. As cold countries, Sapa is famous for vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, beets, chayote, cabbage cat v … v.

Sapa Food

Sapa Food


Sapa delicacies can also tell a lot more, like pork sausages families often do hip smoke in the kitchen, fresh mushrooms with pork, chicken in black (black from the skin, flesh, down to the bone), baked goods of all kinds and so on. But there is something special without which the meal will detract from the flavor of Sapa. It is San Lung wine, Tao Meo Wine, with a glass of wine at dinner ethnic bring subtle perception in everyone of us on the food here. It would be too long if continued to Sapa as this is how the plot with interesting, so let’s begin our journey to discover the romantic area, the town of Sapa in mist which you have not known.

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